Skillz 4 Kidz - Summer Camp Reviews

After School Care Graham

Your child will learn focus, discipline and respect; all while getting in great shape and learning self-defense.  This is a great school and the staff is dedicated to being the best they can be to better serve their community.

Jason F.

After School Care Graham

Skillz 4 Kidz is an awesome facility. They have lots of different activities for your child to get moving. We attended an event they had at Christmas and my daughters had a blast. They never stopped playing and laughing. This is so important nowadays because so many children sit in front of video games or electronic devices. Skillz 4 Kidz is determined to keep kids interactive. They are always coming up with new ideas for the children. Stop by and visit/tour their facility and see for yourself. 

Shena T.

After School Care Graham

This is a great environment for kids when they are not in school! Something positive for self-image and good safe discipline along with wonderful exercise!

Leslie F.

After School Care Graham

I saw a group of children from this camp at Holly Hill Mall at the Bounce Around on August 3 and the way the counselors interacted with the children was wonderful to see. They engaged them and played with them and the kids were so extremely well behaved and were even offering to help the younger children. It's not very often you see a camp out at a public venue where the counselors are so involved with the children and are actually enjoying spending time with them. This is definitely a camp I will keep in mind when my children get older. Keep doing what you are doing!!

Michele M.

After School Care Graham

This is the first year that my kids have gone to a summer camp. Choosing this particular one was a great experience, fun activities, continuous learning throughout the summer and building relationships. I would recommend this camp to all of my colleagues as well as family. The staff here at this facility work very hard with the kids and create a great atmosphere.

Rod T.

After School Care Graham

Such a great summer camp. My kid loves it.

Ashley U.

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